Passionate. Creative. Inspired.

As a designer with roots in fine art and a passion for motion graphics I am a client's dream one-stop-shop. I don't like to think of each of my works as seperate talents but as symbiotic parts to a whole. A good illustration leads to a good logo leads to good packaging, leads to good commercials.

On the rare occasion I meet an artistic medium that gives me trouble I tap into my stubborn side and tackle the medium with renewed vigor. I love that I never stop discovering ways to express my artistic self-or, more importantly, ways to bring other's visions to life. I love colaboration and being inspired by the entrepreneurial ideas of others. I love to know what inspires you? Where did your beautiful product or show idea come from? These answers tell me more about your design needs than a simple overview of your product, service, or show.

I believe my unique life experiences help shape me into the artist I am and they are what inspire my design thinking. I am a Navy brat, Army veteran, student hot air balloon pilot, and a single mother. I majored in graphic communications and minored in film. I enjoy a good novel (give me a classic, banned book and I am in heaven!) and I squeal in girlish delight when I catch an artist, author, or director nodding to the greats that came before them. I never stop learning and growing and love to hear other's passion and learn from them. Whether you want to "talk shop" or gush about a nerdy passion you want brought to life, contact me so I can begin designing for you right away!